Doors in dreams

I always take notice of doors in dreams— it seems like they either represent something really exciting– or a caution of something dangerous! Go figure!
On the positive– doors can represent possibilities opening up before you–if you walk thru an open door, it can be an opportunity to move forward into something new– a promotion, a new arena to operate in, more authority or dominion.

Doors can also represent spiritual openings or portals– positive or negative (yikes!)
You can go thru a door into new spiritual territory, something “outside” what you are used to operating in, a new realm,  even a new dimension. If you are lucid dreaming– avoid doors in floors– they can be portals to bad places. Likewise, doors or openings on ceilings, can lead to heavenly realms! Again, you have to be discerning.

But doors are also boundaries. Outer doors are designed to protect and insulate you from unwelcome and unwanted influences– things in the spiritual atmosphere, people or spiritual influences which can rob or harm you (or just annoy you— mice just love to come in thru an open door into a nice warm house in the cold weather!)

If you leave your front or back door open in a dream– it can be a warning of vulnerability. The back door open often references something unresolved from the past or something which is not on your radar (coming in the back door) The front door in a house can represent the present or a warning for the future.

Inner doors are more inclined to represent relationl boundaries within your personal life, within your family or amongst co-workers or any other group (church, home group, etc). For instance, if your bosses door is open– it could reference his “open door policy” for communication.

common open doors

One common door I see open or even missing is the bathroom door! I think that this speaks to the current culture where we are very open with each other about issues that we are working on– (think about some of the things you have seen people post on Facebook recently!!) But all this sharing is not necessarily appropriate, healthy or wise— think of the metaphor— do you really want to watch someone else poop???? 
Lets have a measure of decorum here!

When bathroom doors are missing in other’s houses— it reminds me of certain ministry or counseling  settings that are structurally lacking or even worse–exploitive! The proper safeguards are simply not in place to protect people when they are most vulnerable!

Another common open door is the bedroom door— often representing a lack of boundaries safeguarding (1) your rest (2) intimacy with God (3) intimacy with your spouse. One of the most hilarious dreams I ever interpreted was where the dreamer was trying to get down to some serious “business” with their spouse– the setting was perfect- yet, as they were romancing each other their young kids kept barging in- much to the dreamers irritation! (Since in real life, the dreamer’s kids were much older, it was pretty easy to determine that a number of the new endeavors she was overseeing were seriously getting in the way or her ability to be intimate with God.) The application was easy: Lock the door! (No you don’t always have to  be available! Set some boundaries girl!)

Another thing I also try to remember when interpreting is to focus on what is NOT happening in the dream– and to be thankful for what is safeguarded- this can help put things into perspective.

I can remember a dream I had about 15 years ago where a man dressed like a thief broke into my house thru the back door at night– my door had not been locked. The dream was so powerful that at first, I thought it was a  literal warning– I must have rechecked the lock on my back door several times a night! lol.) But once I looked at what was going on in my life, the interpretation became more clear– during that season in my life I was dealing with some unresolved issues from childhood–  so the dream was warning me that an issue from the past (back door) was threatening my security– potentially robbing me of things that I had come to value in my life.

My response to the dream, was to focus on establishing  firm boundaries in relationship to these past issues, and while the dream was completely disconcerning, I realized–hey!– at least the thief didn’t have the key!!!  Then this issue would have had full reign over my life– complete access to mess me up! I realized that once I established the boundary–no opporunity to get robbed!  Sometimes we unintentionally give past issues  free access to mess up the present and they completely rob us! I was so thankful that wasn’t the case! I realized that I had complete control over when and how to address things– I didn’t have to fall prey to feeling victimized and vulnerable all the time– just lock the door! I gave Jesus the “keys” and said I would face these issues in His timing and for His purposes only! (Ah what a relief!)

Thankfulness can be a real asset when you are in a difficult season! So when you have a negative sign in your dream– don’t only focus on that— consider the full picture (And make sure you closely guard the keys to all the doors in your life!)

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  1. Caroline November 8, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    This so eye opening! I always have dreams about doors hanging off of the broken hinges, broken or cracked doors. dream about me peering at intuders through the spaces between the door hinge and the wall, I dream about broken door locks, I dream about me stuggling to put back a broken outer door in place for fear of intruders coming in at night…yikes! I have so many of these door dreams. Thank you Lisa!

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