Meat, Raw Meat


Meat: Life-giving solid and sustaining information, teaching or doctrine for the spiritually mature -too hard to digest (ponder and apply) for the spiritually young or immature.

Raw meat:  information, teaching or doctrine that has not been fully prepared– it has not even begun to undergo the process of refining and evaluating — dangerous to take in/believe!

  • Information which is crude; not tempered
  • Teaching/information that is brutally or grossly frank 
  • Inexperienced, ignorant or untrained (as in a raw recruit)
  • Referencing information which is still only raw data
  • Raw as “in the raw” meaning in the flesh or exposed flesh— hmmmm now that’s one to ponder!
  • an idiom for someone who is vulnerable to being devoured by others (usually predators) “there’s some raw meat!” (usually derogatory towards women)

Consider the type of meat:

Chicken— information that is bland  and run of the mill 

  •  word play on being chicken –fearful; lacking of courage and the
  • word play foul/fowl

Turkey— can reference thanksgiving

  •  Something that is foul/fowl.
  •  Idiom: someone that is lame or silly as in “you turkey!”
  • Idiom:  going cold turkey— stopping something instantly–eating a cold turkey sandwich?– could be a reference to fasting!

Steak– usually references information/teaching/doctrine that is solid and good!

  • An American tradition or mainstay– as in steak and potatoes.
  • Raw steak as in steak tartare is actually a delicacy and could reference some raw-but choice information that is being offered as is to consider and ponder

Pork: usually negative in dreams–can be a reference to information/teaching/doctrine that is forbidden/unsanctified 

  • Fleshy/earthly/humanistic teachings (pigs are fat and roll in the mud!)
  • Idiom: “pork spending”–a pet project that profits a local community at the expense of others.
  • W0rd play- boar/bore– stuff that is boring!

Lamb- pertaining to Jesus or devouring those who are vulnerable (like a lamb to slaughter)

Wild game— info that may not appeal to everyone– could be on the fringe or “edgy” or something that is a little off or “gamey”

  • Venison: unusual information- perhaps info /teaching that you have tracked down yourself! Negative– devouring those who are vulnerable and dear/deer to God
  • Squirrel:– small tidbits you have right in your own backyard–that is readily available for you to hunt down yourself versus untrustworthy info/teachings or knowledge  from a source that is hard to nail down —squirrelly
  • Rabbit: common knowledge that may be fleeting– note its on the bottom of the foodchain– nothing special for sure— but will sustain you if you are starving!

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  1. abolton May 22, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Had a dream i was invited to dinner, ox meat was served. I tasted it and it was the best meat i ever ate. It was red and looked so deliciously…Could you tell me what ox meat represent? Thanks

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